Royalty Themed  Dance Competitions, where EVERYONE Receives the ♔ROYAL♔ Treatment!  

    Befitting ALL of the Dance Royalty!

     “Where Elite Dancers ♔Reign♔ and EVERYONE is Treated like ROYALTY!”

    Join the Royal Dance Family on our Royalty Tour throughout NJ, NY, PA, CT, MD, OH, DE, VA & NC !

    💖YOU💖 got to 💃🏻Dance🕺🏻 IN it to ♔WIN♔ It!!!


    Experience the ROYAL Difference…

    ♔ Royalty Themed Competitions…where YOU, your Dancers, Teachers, Parents & Fans are treated like the Dance Royalty you are!

    ♔ Royal Treatment for ALL, where you not only feel, but will EXPERIENCE the Royal Difference!

    ♔ Engaging Staff who’s sole purpose is to encourage and build confidence, relax nerves and help create a supportive relationship between ALL Dancers and Studios, promoting a positive Fun, Family-Friendly environment, ensuring EVERYONE feels a part of our Royal Dance Family!

    ♔ Personal Concierge assigned to each Dance Studio, to assist, guide, motivate and cheer you on!

    ♔ Three Levels of Competition!

    ♔ Skill Level Ability Placement Guide, our customized skill sets are in place to ensure you enter your Dancers in the correct Level, thus ensuring all dancers are competing and being judged correctly!

    ♔ Professional, Well-Versed and Experienced NYC Judges, providing Constructive, Detailed and Beneficial Feedback!

    ♔ Fair, Accurate and Precise Scoring!

    ♔ On-Stage Judges Meet & Greet!

    ♔ Warm-Up/Stretch Class at the start of each day!

    ♔ Social Media Princess, having fun and taking lots of pics with and of the dancers throughout the day!

    ♔ Fun, Friendly, Interactive and Informative Jester of Ceremonies!

    ♔ Brand NEW and Unique Awards with plenty of opportunities to be awarded!  Lots of Specialty Awards, Dynasty Dollars and Social Media Contests!

    ♔ Loyal Royal and Regal Reward Discounts and Incentives!


    At every Regional each Group is automatically entered, regardless of Age or Level!

    The overall Highest Scoring Groups in the Junior (12 & Under) and Senior (13 & Up) will be awarded our Highest Title of the event and Crowned with our Crystal Tiaras (or King Snapbacks); Grand Champion Banner & Dynasty Dollars to the Studios!


    💖WHO💖 will be ♔CROWNED♔ our Royal♔Palace🏰Rulers?




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    Dance Champs Elite’s first priority and primary goal is to treat each Performer, Studio Owner, Director, Teacher and Fan like ROYALTY and provide a safe, professional and unique environment where the art of Dance is recognized, appreciated and put on the Throne it deserves!. A superior atmosphere that surpasses all expectations is guaranteed at each event. Dance is more than the ordinary, IS the EXTRAORDINARY and we value it as such!!

    At Dance Champs Elite YOU will not only FEEL it, but YOU will EXPERIENCEthe DIFFERENCE!

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