Royalty Themed  Dance Competitions, where EVERYONE Receives the ♔ROYAL♔ Treatment!  

    Befitting ALL of the Dance Royalty!

     “Where EVERYONE is Treated like DANCE ROYALTY!”

    Join the Royal Dance Family on our Royalty Tour throughout NJ, NY, PA, CT, MD, OH, DE, VA & NC!

    💖YOU💖 got to 💃🏻Dance🕺🏻 IN it to ♔WIN♔ It!!!


    Experience the ROYAL Difference…

    ♔ Royalty Themed Competitions…Where YOU, your Dancers, Teachers, Parents & Fans are treated like the Dance Royalty you are!

    ♔ Royal Treatment for ALL…Where you not only feel, but will EXPERIENCE the Royal Difference!

    ♔ Engaging Staff!  Who’s sole purpose is to encourage and build confidence, relax nerves and help create a supportive relationship between ALL Dancers and Studios, promoting a positive Fun, Family-Friendly environment, ensuring EVERYONE feels a part of our Royal Dance Family!

    ♔ Studio Concierge!  Dedicated Staff Member there to assist, guide, motivate and support all of our Studios, Dance Moms and Dancers!

    ♔ Spoil the Royals Emergency & Treat Table!  A table dedicated to our Dancers with plenty of OOPS!  I forgot items, Filtered Water Station and a few Sweet Treats!

    ♔ Three Levels of Competition!

    ♔ Skill Level Ability Placement Guide!  Our customized skill sets are in place to ensure you enter your Dancers in the correct Level, thus ensuring all dancers are competing and being judged correctly!

    ♔ Professional, Well-Versed and Experienced Judges!  Providing Constructive, Detailed and Beneficial Feedback!

    ♔ Fair, Accurate and Precise Scoring!

    ♔ On-Stage Faculty Meet & Greet!  When joining our Royal Dance Family, Dancers are invited on stage to meet us all!   This informal setting introduces all of our dancers and spectators to your weekends key personnel.  Dancers receive helpful pointers and encouragement from our Judges, Emcee and Backstage Manager, not to  mention, giving them the opportunity to get acquainted with the stage in a relaxed manner to be well-prepared to perform!

    ♔ Warm-Up/Stretch Class at the start of each day!  Starting the day off right with a 20-minute Stretch/Warm-up Class gets our dancers ready to perform their best!

    ♔ Social Media Prince/Princess…Backstage Social Media Director, always a blast backstage, taking lots of pics & videos with all or our dancers throughout the event and posting on all of our Platforms!

    ♔ Fun, Friendly, Engaging and Informative Jester of Ceremonies…Always keeps things Fun, Fresh & Exciting On & Off Stage!  The Energy Level is guaranteed to be on High with our Jester and Dancers, making for a fun experience where EVERY Dancer performs at their BEST! 

    ♔ Brand NEW and Unique Awards with plenty of opportunities to be awarded!  Lots of Specialty Awards and Thousands in Dynasty Dollars!

    ♔ Loyal Royal and Regal Reward Discounts and Incentives!


    At every Regional each Group is automatically entered, regardless of Age or Level!

    The overall Highest Scoring Groups in the Junior (12 & Under) and Senior (13 & Up) will be awarded our Highest Title of the event and Crowned with our Crystal Tiaras (or King Snapbacks); Grand Champion Banner & Dynasty Dollars to the Studios!


    💖WHO💖 will be ♔CROWNED♔ our Royal♔Palace🏰Rulers?




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    Dance Champs Elite’s first priority and primary goal is to treat each Performer, Studio Owner, Director, Teacher, Parent and Fan like DANCE ROYALTY and make EVERYONE feel like part of our Royal Dance Family!  We are a family Owned and Operated like-minded business, and like most families, when you come to our home, YOU become part of our FAMILY!  Our events provide your Dancers with a fun, friendly, familiar and encouraging environment that enables your dancers to feel more comfortable and relaxed, which in turn helps them dance their BEST!

    At Dance Champs Elite YOU will not only FEEL it, but YOU will




    “We felt like part of the “Royal Ramily” from the moment we entered Dance Champs Elite. It was our first time attending and we couldn’t have felt more welcomed by the entire staff. From the owner of the competition…to the backstage staff and host and even  the people working the merchandise table …Everyone was friendly and inviting to their event. It made for a wonderful fun day for everyone. Lots of detail went into making sure everyone had fun, the energy level was always there making everyone feel special. I feel like the welcoming atmosphere and energy level  made all the kids feel more comfortable and confident and in turn they really did dance their best!  There was even a table for “dance emergencies” and snacks in the dressing room! Thank you again Dance Champs Elite and your wonderful Staff!”
    “My Students and myself truly love this competition and will return for regionals next season for sure. Sharon and Dee are quick to answer any questions you may have and it’s always a relief when you know you will always get a quick response. Dance Champs Elite is a definite favorite of ours!”
    “What a great competition! There were so many special touches — the blinged out banner to take photos in front of and snacks/ a table with competition essentials in the dressing room were some stand outs. the MC aaron was amazing with the dancers backstage. There were fun games during judges breaks that involved the parents and teachers too! It was such a fun competition.  Also received some really great thorough judges critiques.”
    “We attended this competition for the first time this weekend and had a wonderful experience! it was well run, on time and full of special touches that helped make the day even more fun. I loved the assigned tables in the dressing room, the “Spoil our Royals” table with charging stations, water and yummy treats and the fun games during judges breaks!”
    “One of the best competitions I have been to from the backstage personnel , to the master of ceremony everyone was so friendly and amazing . The awards the kids got extremely great quality. One of the most well run competition on time and everything was smooth despite the block schedule I actually got pictures of my little dancer. Would love to do this competition again!  Thank you for a really incredible event!!!”
    “Thank you for the follow-up email, I love that you are concerned with how we felt about your event…I am not much help on feedback, as I only have super positive things to say!  The schedule was fantastic- not a single costume change issue or any stress at all.  We got all the info we needed ahead of time!  Venue was great, plenty of space in dressing areas and backstage. The stage itself was gorgeous and big. I loved your stoned backdrop. Your judges were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and positive.  I could listen to your male judge all day. It’s obvious he loves his job. We would seek out competitions where he judges!Backstage was a dream! Everything ran so smooth, and Michelle makes every child feel calm and ready to conquer the world. I want her backstage at every comp we attend ever!  Awards were super fun!  I will look forward to trophies being handed out on stage in the future, but your workaround was great!  Special awards were just that, try special.  We will 100% be back next year!”
    “I’ll send you an official email to respond with your requested feedback, but I gotta tell ya – my parents and kids cannot stop RAVING about your event!!!  We took a vote for the favorite event of the year and it was you guys BY A LONG SHOT!  It was such a great way to close out our season.  OMG your Instagram recaps are SOOOOO amazing & appreciated! Way to go the extra mile!”


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