1~Day Intensives, coming to a City near YOU!

    Dear Dance Kingdom!

    We’re honored to see that you are interested in our Royal In~Studio or 1~Day Intensives!  Our core philosophy is to treat EVERYONE like the Dance Royalty they are! Our guarantee to you is that when joining Dance Champs Elite on our Royalty tour, every Dancer, Teacher, Parent and Fan will receive a positive, nurturing, educational and fun experience, leaving everyone feeling more motivated and inspired!

    Our faculty consists of some of New York City’s most talented, sought after teachers and choreographers, not just because of their talents, but because of their engaging personalities and the fact that they LOVE to teach!  Students of all ages and abilities will easily relate to them because they make learning fun and effortless!

    Starting our Intensive’s off with our informal Faculty Meet & Greet really sets the tone for the day; immediately creating a sense of comfort with the teachers puts everyone at ease and initiates the bond that every teacher will build throughout the event day!   This personal introduction really gets everyone excited for entertaining and productive day ahead!  We pride ourselves on maximizing our day, by producing a fun-filled, friendly and organized event, with a full days schedule! Your Royal Day will be bursting with so many amazing elements, from our “Meet the Monarchy” Session; 5 AMAZING Classes; Mock Audition; Teacher and Parent Seminars and Q & A Forums, our super fun Regal Wrap Dance Party and our Crown Jewel Coronation Awards and Scholarship Showcase! Our Royal day ends with our Coronation Ceremony, where our Master Teachers will announce our Royal Palace Rulers, the Stand-Out Dancers of the day, who exhibited the Royal IT Factor!!!

    We are looking forward to our BEST Season yet and to meeting many more of the Dance Kingdom!

    Loyally yours,

    The Monarchy of Dance Champs Elite



    When joining Dance Champs Elite on our Intensive Royalty Tour, you automatically become part of  our Royal Family, and in our family, we refer to our dancers by Name, not their Number! 

    Every dancer is eligible to win our Scholarship Awards, regardless of Age or Level!   Our Master Teachers will not only teach, but engage and observe every dancer, regardless of their position in the room, to see who possesses the Royal “IT” factor!  Each dancer must wear their scholarship Name Tag throughout the day to be eligible!

    Starting off every Royal Intensive with our informal “Meet the Monarchy” session, sets the tone and personal connection for the day.  We’ve found that by creating a sense of familiarity with our teachers and staff, immediately puts every dancer at ease; and initiates the connection that will continue to build throughout the day!   

        A few Royal highlights…

           • 5 AMAZING Classes

           • Audition Workshop

           • Teacher and Parent Seminars with Q & A Forums

           • Our super fun Regal Wrap Party

           • Crown Jewel Awards and Scholarship Showcase! 

    Our Regal Wrap Dance Party is a guaranteed good time for ALL!  Eve to dance, mingle and have fun before our Crown Jewel Coronation Awards and Scholarship Showcase!  

    Our Grand Finale event of the day is our Coronation Ceremony, where we introduce our Reigning Ruler Kings and Queens to the Dance Kingdom! These prestigious awards will go to the King and Queen that every judge and staff member agree, were those that deserve to rule our Dance Kingdom for the day! Judges will award at least 1 King & Queen, from our Junior and Senior Age Levels!!!




    Dance Champs Elite’s first priority and primary goal is to treat each Performer, Studio Owner, Director, Teacher and Fan like ROYALTY and provide a safe, professional and unique environment where the art of Dance is recognized, appreciated and put on the Throne it deserves!. A superior atmosphere that surpasses all expectations is guaranteed at each event.

    Dance is more than the ordinary, IS the EXTRAORDINARY and we value it as such!!

    At Dance Champs Elite YOU will not only FEEL it, but YOU will EXPERIENCE the DIFFERENCE!

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